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  • This is a Mast accredited course. Commercial training Vessel license number MSTTV014 Boatbiz-Tas 0419 144 722

Boat Licence Course

  • About The Trainer

    About The trainer Fred holds a Master<24m NC and Marine Engine Driver 3 and has spent many days on board various types of vessels After an start in the fishing industry Fred began doing vessel training and now trains for Seafood Training Tasmania, MAST and any private tuition required. Fred enjoys mostly training in the area of recreational licensing. Fred also enjoys deckhand work for various diving operations. Fred is an avid sailor who enjoys nothing better than the sound of the wind in the sails. Fred’s manner of teaching is down to earth he is easy to approach and takes care in making sure that each of his students gets the individual attention they require.

  • This is a Mast accredited course. Commercial Training Vessel License number MSTTV014

    Courses are normally held at the Geilston Bay Boat Club ( see Map Below) but can also be run at any suitable location for groups or private tuition The Course involves both theory and practical components and the duration is approximately 5 hours, however, this can vary depending on circumstances and student requirements.

  • Course includes Theory & Practical

    During the course we cover important information such as a thorough explanation of safety equipment, safe navigation and navigational marks, weather conditions and forecasts, vessel maintenance, buoyancy, anchoring, Man Overboard Procedures, safe boat handling in various conditions, boat ramp launching & retrieval, general boat handling, vessel stability, berthing and departure Courses most Saturdays and some Sundays see facebook for details

  • Course outcome - Issue of a Recreational Boat Licence

    Course reading - the Safe Boating Handbook is available from Service Tasmania, M.A.S.T, or from Boatbiz Tas. An on-line version is available on the M.A.S.T website. Course costs - $160 per person includes Marine & Safety Licence Fee. Provisional licenses available 12 – 17 years of age these licenses convert to adult licenses at 17. Specialised Training for those with Learning Disabilities. Additional training available in other related areas. Group discounts available. Please contact Fred for further information.



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